Humor and Laughter May Influence Health

The use of humor as a complementary therapy within various clinical samples, as well as evidence concerning how a sense of humor influences physiological and psychological well-being.
Indiana State University College of Nursing

Social Laughter Triggers Endogenous Opioid Release in Humans

In a behavioral control experiment, pain threshold-a proxy of endogenous opioidergic activation-was elevated significantly more in both male and female volunteers after watching laughter-inducing comedy versus non-laughter-inducing drama in groups.
Journal of Neuroscience

Laughter effect similar to antidepressants

Effect and Path Analysis of Laughter Therapy on Serotonin, Depression and Quality of Life in Middle-aged Women.
Department of Nursing, Uiduk University, Korea

Laughter Prescription: The Future of Laughter in Medicine

The history and importance of the role of humor in medicine.
College of Family Physicians of Canada

Chapman University Study Shows Laughter is Good Medicine For Healthcare Providers too

Our own Prof. Frank Chindamo led a study of 30 healthcare providers over 30 days. Results showed that after watching just one comedy video, they were 13% less stressed in only 3 minutes.
Chapman University Press Room

Social Laughter is Correlated with an Elevated Pain Threshold

This peer-reviewed study found: “Although laughter forms an important part of human non-verbal communication, it has received rather less attention than it deserves in both the experimental and the observational literatures. Relaxed social laughter is associated with feelings of wellbeing and heightened affect, a proximate explanation for which might be the release of endorphins.
British Academy Centenary Research Project

New Study Proves That Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

Linda University set out to find out if humor can deliver more  than just comic relief. Participants who viewed the funny videos had much higher improvement in recall abilities,  and the humor group showed considerably lower levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone,” after watching the
Loma Linda University

Laughter fosters brain connectivity

Laughter fosters rigorous brain region connectivity that kicks in when we hear a laugh, as our brains work to decipher what sort of communication is coming through.
Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany

Humor and Laughter May Influence Health; Humor and Immune Function

NIH Reports: Humor and Laughter may Influence Health.
National Institute of Health

Laughter and Health Outcomes

How laughter influences health outcomes; including muscle tension, cardio-respiratory functioning and various stress physiology measures.
University of South Florida

Laughing heartily may be good for the arteries

A daily dose of laughter may be good for the heart because, like exercise, it makes blood vessels work more efficiently.
Duke University

Six reasons why laughter is the best medicine

Intuitively we know that laughter is one of the best tools we have to deal with stress, but can science prove it? Several areas of research demonstrate the effect of humor on physiological and biochemical responses, as well as psychological processes in the body. This video lists reasons why laughter may be the best medicine. Copyright McMaster University 2018.

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